about Jo Tytherleigh

My Yoga Journey…

began when I was in my early 20’s around the time of my mother’s death.  My loss was the catalyst that propelled me along a healing path of discovery.  Driven by the realisation of the transience of life & the certain knowledge of my own mortality I began to try & come to terms with it all, dabbling in many alternative practices.

Yoga was the one that I found the most nourishing, offering me support on many levels & gradually permeating all areas of my life.
It was homecoming, joyfulness & united me with a sense of Freedom I had only felt fleetingly before.

In time this freedom not only gave me a sense of being light & at ease in my physical body but a spaciousness & understanding in my mind and an expansiveness of my heart. 

The laws of nature teach us everything has a relationship to everything else, indeed the Japanese have a word that defines this process perfectly.

Yugen describes an awareness of the universe that triggers feelings too deep and mysterious for words.  An ineffable, poignant profundity of the kind you might feel whilst sitting meditatively alone on a beach at sunset, feeling the ephemeral nature of eternity itself.

The Ancient discipline of Yoga proceeds from the foundation that all life is interconnected; & offers us a path that leads us toward this sense of connected-ness or Yugen becoming our base state.

Through it’s message of innate ‘wholeness,’ rather than a process of adding information, Yoga offers me the tools to deconstruct barriers & strip away all that has become unnecessary.
 As I learn to drop the masks I once wore I am more able to truly embrace my authentic self and therefore enjoy a deeper connection with those around me.
Yoga helps me to awaken to who I truly am & realise the innate intelligence I can embody. 

After all the real purpose of Yoga is to reveal the essential qualities of the ultimate self which are goodness, wholeness, peace & freedom and to enable us to abide within these qualities.

Jo’s Teaching…

My highest intention in sharing the teachings of yoga is to help to facilitate the sense of ‘wholeness’ that leads to happiness, peace & freedom.

My teaching emphasises starting from this place of wholeness rather than striving to attain it, I aim to help you realise you are already there! 
Of course there is real work to do, but pointing toward an idealized experience that you must attain is not yoga …the practice in itself brings the rewards.  Yoga is about your journey not some faraway destination.

I come from a long family line of teachers, including both of my parents.
I am extremely grateful for all of the wonderful teachers I have encountered in my life. Perhaps the greatest learning that has come to me through my practice is that ultimately we are our own teachers & all that we seek outside of ourselves is already contained within.
In my classes I encourage students to engage with & trust their internal teachers. Embracing the practice without expectation, in the spirit of curiosity and openness.

As my own yoga journey continues my journey as a teacher also continues to develop. I have been practicing for 19 years & this led to a natural progression to teaching 9 years ago. I regularly attend workshops & further training with my teachers.

I am always inspired by the work of International Yoga teacher Donna Farhi & I have been assisting faculty on her Teacher Training & intensives.  My work is also informed by the experiential nature of Body Mind Centering. A study that leads to an understanding of how the mind is expressed through the body and the body through the mind.
Other talented teachers I regularly choose to work with include John Stirk, Eric Stewart, Amy Matthews & Judith Lasater.