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The latest news is...


New Class! Yoga for Builders: Wednesdays at Calstock Village Hall at 6-7.15pm...Stretch, Relax Unwind...sort out those dodgy backs, knees and elbows in a class specifically for men who work hard!


Mid Summer Solstice Yoga workshop at Harewood Farm to correspond with international Yoga Day...with Jo & Jana...details coming soon...


Plus a day workshop coming up:

Exploring the 'metaphor of the body' through the Koshas :

A day of Explorative & Restorative Yoga

6th April 2014 - 9.45am until 4.15pm - Calstock Village Hall, Calstock, PL18 9QA

With Jo Tytherleigh & Jana Osbourne

£32 for the day which will include a simple home cooked vegetarian lunch and refreshments.

All are welcome. Its essential that you book by emailing me or phoning on 01822 833231.

Feel free to call with any queries about the day.

Look forward to seeing you there!



I am now settling in to life in Cornwall...I hope to establish some local classes here & in the furture to build a retreat space on our land.

For classes in Sussex...

The lovely Vidyadasa (Ady Griffiths) from Brighton Buddhist Centre has taken over Monday & Wednesday night classes in Brighton & Shoreham.

And the very well qualified Lisa Christie has taken over the Restorative class at The Acupuncture Clinic.

Enjoy your classes dear Yogis...and I look forward to another time when we can be together in Retreat in Cornwall.

I will keep you posted here...so check back from time to time!

As some of you already know I have been trying to follow my life's vision in finding a piece of land to live self sufficiently upon, create a smallholding & in time open a Yoga Retreat Centre.

Finally things seem to be falling into place, the wheel of time has been slowly turning and now begins to gather momentum. My partner & I have finally purchased 25 acres of woodland & pasture and my house here in Brighton is under offer, which means we will be able to buy the house that is on the land too.

Sadly Sussex will no longer be our home. This piece of land is in Cornwall, though only just, the view across the river Tamar that borders the land is to Devon. The land is part of an historic estate called Harewood Farm in a village called Calstock which is 10 mins outside Tavistock, just beyond Dartmoor. It does have its own train station & you can board a train in Brighton at 9am & arrive in Calstock at 3pm with just 2 changes...so when we get the Centre up & running it will be an easy route in!

As you may know I have been teaching classes in Brighton, Lewes , Woods Mill & Shoreham by Sea since 2005...and some of you have been coming for that long!
I want to take this opportunity to say a massive 'Thank You' for your love, loyalty & dedication over these years!











































Jo’s Teaching…

My highest intention in sharing the teachings of yoga is to help to facilitate the sense of ‘wholeness’ that leads to happiness, peace & freedom.

My teaching emphasises starting from this place of wholeness rather than striving to attain it, I aim to help you realise you are already there! 
Of course there is real work to do, but pointing toward an idealized experience that you must attain is not yoga…the practice in itself brings the rewards.  Yoga is about your journey not some faraway destination.

I come from a long family line of teachers, including both of my parents.
I am extremely grateful for all of the wonderful teachers I have encountered in my life. Perhaps the greatest learning that has come to me through my practice is that ultimately we are our own teachers & all that we seek outside of ourselves is already contained within.
I encourage students to engage with & trust their internal teachers. Embracing the practice without expectation, in the spirit of curiosity and openness.

As my own yoga journey continues my journey as a teacher also continues to develop. I have been practicing for 14 years & this led to a natural progression to teaching 6 years ago. I regularly attend workshops & further training with my teachers.

I am always inspired by the work of International Yoga teacher Donna Farhi & work with her whenever I have an opportunity.  In August 2006 I was part of Donna’s assistant teaching faculty at her Advanced Yoga Studies & Teacher Training in Vancouver, Canada.
Other talented teachers I have had the pleasure to work with include Eric Stewart, Angela & Victor, Dona Holleman & Judith Lasater.
Closer to home, I work with Scaravelli inspired teachers Liz Warrington & John Stirk on a regular basis.

Through working with both Donna & Judith I have incorporated the deeply transformative practice of Restorative Yoga both into my own practice & my teaching.