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Yoga is a way of finding balance within yourself & harmony with the world around you.

Hatha Yoga classes work on the physical body whilst engaging the mind through the breath, connecting you to a deep source of energy within.

I teach through movement, stillness, exploration & inquiry to help you develop an awareness of the importance of free breathing; a functional understanding of Yoga postures; meditation & yogic philosophy.

Classes focus on allowing you to access your parasympathetic parasympathetic info More info Parasympathetic nervous system to allow you to relax deeply & contact your own body wisdom as a result of this relaxation.

We work from the starting point of developmental movement patterns to help us to access our bodies various systems. Each one of us progresses through these patterns as we grow, from the time of our very conception into adulthood. The patterns help us to understand & integrate natural movement, in an easeful & efficient way, both on & off the yoga mat.

This is an essential part of my teaching…after all what good is making a shape with your body and giving it a Sanskrit (the ancient language of yoga) name, if you cannot stand up with postural alignment in the supermarket queue?!

I look forward to meeting you at a class soon!

Class Schedule 2015


DAY TIME CLASS! Hatha Yoga at Calstock Village Hall

£39 for 6 classes or £8.50 per drop in class 1.30-3pm


Yoga for Builders : A class for men who work hard and need to wind down, stretch and relax at Calstock Village Hall


£20 for 3 sessions or £8.50 per drop in class 6-7.15pm





Private sessions:


People choose to have a private session for many reasons. Sometimes a student may have a physical challenge that they are working with and are looking for some therapeutic support. I can offer tools that may guide your own practice so that you might support yourself through pain or physical/emotional difficulty.

A Restorative Yoga session can be very much like receiving a massage or similar treatment. It is deeply relaxing for both body & mind. Using supportive props the body is soothed & the focus becomes mindful & calmed.

Yoga practices steer us toward realising our wholeness, although often our current experience of ourselves may feel far from that. Moving energy in the body through simple breathing, mindfulness and suitable movement can awaken vitality and release fatigue and discomfort.

The number of sessions you have will depend on your needs. Some come for a session & go away with the tools they need to practice on their own. Others choose to have regular sessions as a way of supporting themselves in their busy lives. Its up to you.

I usually charge £35 for a one hour session. This price is negotiable depending on each student's means. I would prefer be able to offer you some constructive help, rather than you not booking because you think you can't afford it.

I have a small Yoga studio space where we can work together or I can come to your home if you prefer.

I am available at various times during the week for consultation. Call me on 01822 833231 or email on












"Be the change you wish to see in the world" Mahatma Ghandi

Which Class

Find out what style of yoga suits you ?

Hatha Yoga involves the process of becoming concious and aware of ourselves through sensing & feeling into our bodies and our breath. Asanas (yoga poses) were designed as therapeutic movement to undo tension in the body & help to bring quiet to the mind.

Who is it for ?

The sessions are suitable for students of any age or level of experience.

Drop-in to a class...see Schedule page.

Restorative Yoga uses supported versions of the Hatha Yoga postures to help bring balance to the nervous system and to heal the body and mind from everyday stresses, allowing for a deep & gentle opening.

In our culture great emphasis is placed on activity & movement. Yet good health requires that we have an appropriate balance of activity & rest, movement & stillness.
This gentle, therapeutic style of Yoga uses comfortable props to offer support to the body which can deepen the benefits of the poses.
It is a soothing and nurturing practice that:
· promotes the effects of conscious relaxation
· restores energetic balance
· supports peace of ‘mind’.

Through the practices of pranayama (breath awareness) & pratyahara (direction of the senses), we can restore balance to the autonomic nervous system, leading to the deepest levels of physical & mental relaxation.

The Restorative sequences create specific physiological responses in the body, which are beneficial to health & can reduce the effects of stress related disease.

Who is it for ?

Actually Restorative is beneficial for everyone…particularly if you are one of those people who thinks they don’t have time to relax!

It is particularly beneficial for anyone suffering from Stress or Fatigue syndromes, pregnant women, insomniacs or those recovering from or coping with an illness or injury.

Restorative offers you an alternative to the faster pace of many yoga classes.
Plus the opportunity to build on your energy reserves as opposed to drawing on them or depleting them with a more energetic activity.
After a session you can expect to feel like you have opened the body, released tension & have more energy for other activities.

Sign up for a course at St Mellion Health & Leisure directly with Jo.

Yoga Workshops are an opportunity to spend time working on a particular theme in greater depth than we can in an ordinary class. They provide space to work at a slower pace with time for questions & inquiry into issues that may arise during the session.

All are welcome.


Yoga Fundamentals is an eight week course that allows you to learn about yourself through the resources of Yoga.

Yoga is a way of finding balance within yourself and harmony with the world around you. In the tradition of hatha yoga, we practice joining the mind and the body. This course introduces you to the fundamental tools and techniques of this ancient tradition, and is a gentle introduction to yoga for beginners or a subtle refinement of practice for the ongoing student.
Learning comes as a result of deep relaxation. Good postural alignment arrives as a result of your own sensory experience. Your powers of perception are activated offering you continuing support.
Through movement, exploration, and inquiry, you develop a functional understanding of yoga postures, awareness of breath, mindfulness, and yogic philosophy.

Who is it for ?
Suitable both for beginners & those with some previous yoga experience, this course will lay firm foundations for ongoing yoga practice.



These are the details for the current venues where I teach:

Calstock Village Hall, The Quay, Calstock, PL18 9QT